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Selling your property for the best price and terms with the least hassle requires timely execution of the Five Ps:

  1. Prepare the property for the market

  2. Price the property strategically

  3. Photograph the home professionally

  4. Promote the property correctly

  5. Professional representation by a real estate broker with deep experience and local knowledge

With local inventory (number of homes on the market) at a 30-year low, it's a strong seller's market. Even so, you'll want to have professional representation to maximize your dollars and minimize your time and hassle. Send for two free guides: Strategic Selling in a Low-Inventory Market and Preparing Your Home for Your Photo Shoot and Showings. Ask for your free seller's guides today.

Tailored service above all expectations


Photos on this page are from a listing Yvonne represented in Tigard (2021).  

Yvonne focused marketing on the unique and private location of the street, worked with the seller to stage and prepare the home for the market, and brought in a professional photographer. When the seller left town for work and a Craigslist buyer was on his way to purchase the seller's desk, Yvonne helped the seller's friend disconnect and wrap up dozens of audio cables before the buyer arrived. This home sold for $11,000 above its $489,000 asking price in just five days.


House Viewing
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