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Yvonne literally wrote the book on real estate! You can find How to Buy a House: Vital Real Estate Strategy for the First Time Home Buyer on Amazon or Audible.


At Yvonne Aileen Realty, you work directly with the principal broker of the firm, Yvonne Aileen.  

Yvonne has nearly 20 years of experience as a Portland area real estate broker helping buyers, sellers, and investors. For the past decade, Yvonne has taught other licensees how to create winning outcomes for their clients through her nationally published real estate courses.
Topics for courses Yvonne has developed include negotiation strategies, marketing, fair housing compliance,
duties to clients, and the tax and legal aspects of buying and selling real estate.

Put Yvonne's expertise to work on behalf of your real estate goals.

Tailored service above all expectations begins with a meeting to discuss your needs.

Contact Yvonne to get started today.

Following  are the duties you are owed by any licensee who represents you.

Obedience: Following your instructions and not going against your wishes.

Loyalty: Your interests come first, always.

Disclosure - Inform you of any facts that would impact the decision a reasonable person would make. This duty includes disclosing any known property defects to all parties, disclosure of any conflicts of interest, and disclosure of any compensation received in connection with your transaction.

Confidentiality: Unless you expressly give permission or the licensee is required by law to disclose something, the licensee must keep any information you provide confidential. This duty survives closing and lasts for all time.

Accounting: Accounting for paperwork, keys, funds, etc. related to the transaction. 

Reasonable skill and care: This means the licensee stays informed about real estate rules and practices and assists you to the utmost of their ability. It also means not practicing outside the scope of their license, and referring you to experts (tax, legal) as needed.

You should also expect any real estate licensee to provide you with an Oregon agency disclosure pamphlet at your first significant contact (e.g., listing appointment, showing).


This pamphlet explains the representation options you have and the duties you're owed under any agency relationship.


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